Core Values

ALT TAB Consulting has a team of young, talented and enthusiastic professionals and experienced senior professionals who provide world-class Onsite & offshore support services, using outstanding local expertise. We serve as though we are business partners and not just service providers, hired on a transactional model. We work with the client to set and map out clear goals, objectives and expectations, and maintain complete transparency in each step of our interaction with them.

Leveraging our global reach and local expertise

ALT TAB Consulting combines an unmatched global perspective with detailed insight into local markets across all major industry sectors. So whether your needs are local or global, we can help you find the workforce solution you need.

Connecting our deep knowledge of sales potential to the ambitions of your business

More than 40 man-years of total immersion in the changing world of sales consulting has given us a deep understanding of required expertise in unleashing potential to drive businesses forward and bring in success.

Building collaborative partnerships

When our partners succeed, we succeed, and we believe strong partnerships are critical to make this happen. We develop a keen understanding of your business, your specific goals and your sales-related needs. We design customized solutions and deliver the talent you need to win.

Providing a suite of Innovative Workforce Solutions

ALT TAB Consulting delivers the expertise and talent-related capabilities that companies need to leverage the power of people within their organization. Together our comprehensive service offerings address the complex workforce challenges organizations face today, from contingent and permanent staffing to outsourcing to strategic consulting. We deliver the solutions that drive your business forward.