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As a True end-to-end Litigation Support Solutions Provider, ALT TAB Consulting Provides extensive document acquisition and management services developed specifically to help Litigation Support Companies, Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments shoulder the increased burden represented by the soaring volume of digital information. Our Offshore Litigation Support division offers fault-proof, technology-oriented solutions deployed in tandem with a scalable, skilled, and highly knowledgeable human-resource pool trained in legal applications. We offer guaranteed cost-effective, and time – efficient workflow solutions using a combination of automated and manual applications. This results in legal data that is readily accessible, searched, sorted, located, distributed, and viewed specifically.

Although the legal world is moving in the digital direction at a blinding pace, paper is still and probably always will be, part of the process. Therefore, in order to offer a true ‘end-to-end’ solution for our clients, we continue to offer our Paper based services. Whether you need to put your hard documents into a digital format or scan them, we have the people and expertise to make it happen.

Offshore Litigation Support Services

Litigation Coding - Offshore | Domestic

We offer a single-source document management solution to the legal industry. Professionally staffed and equipped, our centers in India offer resources tailored to client specifications, from basic copying, data entry, imaging, electronic scanning. We Offer professional Data capture services for litigation support firms, law firms, corporate counsel and government agencies in order to search the data for litigating cases.

Unitization | LDD

Our team is well experienced in coding the Sequential Logical Documents from the raw images and determining the logical Parent-Child relationship for those documents. The LDD includes the following field.

  • Beginning Bate Number
  • Ending Bate Number
  • Beginning Attachment Number
  • Ending Attachment Number
In-Text Coding

We also provide more comprehensive service along with bibliographic coding and relevant data extrapolated from the body of the documents such as:

  • Names
  • Organization Names
  • Marginalia Names
  • KeyWords
  • In-text Dates
Bates Capture | Endorsement | Stamping

This process involves the capturing of the stamped bates number from the image, the output can be delivered either in the image levels or Document level.

We will also perform necessary load file creation as per the captured bates number and provide the client with renamed images and modified load files as per the requirement.

Indexing | Data Entry

We offer a broad menu of data entry related services. We can enter data from scanned images or physical documents. We make use of the latest software and hardware technology specifically developed for rapid and accurate data entry.

ALT TAB can provide the data in a variety of ways. An FTP site or e-mail is currently the most popular choices but magnetic media such as CD- ROM. We support all popular file formats such as ASCII, comma delimited, fixed length and can even provide data in files requiring custom coding or tagging such as XML. Our outcome is a clean, accurate, uniform digital file, formatted to your specifications.

Forms Processing

Forms processing at ALT TAB begins with the conversion of paper or other documents into digitized images. These images can be easily organized and quickly retrieved, indexed and archived. When files are scanned or electronically converted, a high resolution digital copy is stored on a hard drive or optical disc.

Bibliographic Coding

Our professional team provides Bibliographic-coding services from the well-formatted LDD files. The bibliographic fields are :

  • Document Date.
  • Document Type.
  • Document Characteristics
  • Document Title
  • Names field – Author, Recipient and Copyee
Optical Character Recognition ( OCR )

We provide OCR of the image set with or without coding and unitization.

Image Conversion

We convert images to all industry standard formats.

Database Design

We possess the technical proficiency and experience to address a wide variety of database and image issues that our clients may face. Whether combining or extracting from an existing database or manipulation of one or more fields we can provide a solution.

Load File Creation

Just when you believe you weathered all of the potential pitfalls of collecting and processing data, you must then prepare for what has consistently been proven as the most expensive portion of the electronic discovery process: data review. ALT TAB  are experts at preparing data for ingestion and review for the world’s top review platforms.

E-Discovery Services

Forensic Data Collection

Data collection services from hard drives, laptops and servers are provided by certified computer forensic specialists, at any location on-site or from our secured forensics lab. ALT TAB specialists can restore data from backup tapes in diverse formats into a single centralized data repository. Handled entirely by certified forensic specialists, all chain-of-custody procedures are followed and documented. Data reduction forensically eliminates known system files, application files and files from exclusion/inclusion lists from a data collection, all prior to processing, saving clients time and money.

  • ESI Collection
  • Forensic Imaging
  • Forensic On-Site Collections
  • Forensic Remote Collections
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Deleted Files Recovery
  • Web Browsing History Retrieval
  • Password Recovery
Document Hosting | Production

With our hosting services, clients can search, organize and analyze documents anywhere, contact human support when needed, and work with our professionals to address unforeseen circumstances.

Our hosting partner’s project managers are certified in Relativity and have professional experience with other software and platforms. Our hosting team follows your matter from start to finish to ensure continuity of support and constant communications coverage.

Our hosting partner has the backing of the longest-tenured electronic data processing department in the industry, so we are able to resolve data issues efficiently and can process data for optimal viewing. The state-of-the-art infrastructure allows clients to do what they do best, rather than focusing on the need to buy and maintain equipment or keep trained and certified staff for access to one solution.

Domestic coding

We code millions of pages each month for clients and business partners.

We offer coding services to help our clients manage and organize documents, a critical component of data management. We code millions of pages each month for clients worldwide.

We offer:

  • Domestic coding
  • Off-Shore coding
  • Multi-Entry fields
  • Single entry fields
  • Data merge
  • Bates coding
  • Names mentioned
  • Key terms
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Searchable PDF
  • Logical Document Unitization
Electronic Discovery Processing
  • Early Case Data Assessment to narrow data to relevant ESI
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Advanced Visibility and Search Magnifier to understand your data
  • Integration with computer forensics to ensure collection to review uses defensible best practices
  • Custom Scripts for Production Requirements
  • Standardized Exceptions and Exotic Data reporting
  • Established procedures for Mac data and Social Media
Managed Review | Translation

Review is the most time consuming and costly part of the discovery process; whether dealing with paper or ESI. Our experienced team will work with you to formulate a review plan that works within your budget and time frame. We can staff large or small reviews, from single plaintiff personal injury to class actions. We also can bring our technology to bear in creating targeted review sets that make the process even smoother. ALT TAB assembles cost effective attorney review teams quickly and efficiently. Our expansive Managed Document Review service includes: Full, to Production, Review; First and Second Level Review; Quality Control and Attorney Project Management. Our partner’s review teams are comprised of qualified lawyers who are supported by ALT TAB’ discovery analysts and document specialists. Together, we confirm that every facet of the review process conforms to the overall litigation strategy as determined by the client. Our document review team also includes experienced project managers and technology staff. ALT TAB offers document review services designed to disrupt a marketplace that has been considered commoditized for years. Our model for pricing discovery services, including attorney and technology assisted review, changes the way clients budget the cost of discover.

  • Full Managed Review
  • Fixed First Pass Managed Review
  • Foreign Language Review
Imaging | Reprographics

We offer a full spectrum of traditional litigation support services designed to help clients better manage their on paper documents.


  • Document Collections
  • Document Scanning
  • Document Preparation
  • Electronic Numbering
  • Color & Oversized Scanning
  • Document Reassembly
  • OCR / Searchable Document Creation
  • Scan Time Coding
  • Electronic Issue Tagging
  • Summation & Concordance load files
  • Custom load files
  • Image Viewing Applications
  • File Conversion
  • Database Design & Conversion
  • Custom Programming Solutions
  • Image Blowbacks
  • Document Unitization
  • Electronic Document Repositories
  • CD and DVD Duplication
  • Technical Support


  • Document Collections
  • Document Repositories
  • Photocopying
  • Oversize Copying
  • Color Copying
  • Document Numbering/Bates Labeling
  • Enlargement and Mounting
  • Document Binding and Exhibit Binder Creation
  • Trial Graphics
  • Bankruptcy Mailings
  • Media Reproduction
  • Page for Page Quality Control
  • Professional Document Project Management
  • 12 Basic Coding Fields
  • Additional Multi-entry Fields
  • Additional Single-entry Fields
  • Key Terms
  • Issue Coding
  • Logical Document Unitization
  • Data Manipulation/Custom Programming