We simplify your workflow by assisting you with organized medical records and analysis. We organize medical records and extract the needed patient’s information and create easy-to-read reports. It is often the small detail contained in the medical records that can change the outcome of a litigated case, if overlooked. We find that information, translate it into simple terms, and create clear, concise reports, addressing case preparation to expedite a litigated matter.

Our medical records and review services are cheaper, better and faster.

ALT TAB provides you the maximum flexibility in the types of medical record analysis reports you wish to bundle by case or group. Additionally, we prepare reports to suit your need, serving Insurance companies, Defence, Plaintiff, Corporations, Law Firms, Independent Medical Examiners, Doctors and Medical Legal Experts.


  • Medical Records Sorting and Categorizing
  • Indexing and Bookmarking
  • Medical Record Organization and Analysis
  • Comprehensive Medical Summary
  • Clinical Summary | Peer Review
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Billing
  • AR Calling
  • Medical Transcription

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