Our Outsourcing Sales Teams are hand picked senior sales executives familiar with your industry and ready to start producing improved sales results from Day One. We focus on strategy first, then quickly transition into execution. We craft 12 month strategies designed to build long term success, not short term hype , Unlike most outsourcing sales services and call centers, we take responsibility for your sales plan and execute it.

At ALT TAB, we work with clients from small start-up technology firms to large publicly traded companies.

Outsourcing Sales Services

  • Development and implementation of a scalable strategic sales plan
  • Identification of target markets and accounts along with introductions to senior decision makers
  • Identification and introduction to appropriate partners and sales channels
  • Creation and implementation of B2B Lead Generation and Inside Sales activities designed to engage prospective customers and partners and help drive revenue and strong pipeline
  • Planning and execution of corporate events and marketing programs to drive attendance.
  • We help international firms establish a sales presence in the U.S.

We enhance sales productivity using these tools:

  • Elevator pitch and value proposition materials
  • Email Campaigns and Drafts.
  • PowerPoint presentations and webinars
  • Pipeline reports with accompanying methodologies
  • Sales operations plans and reports
  • Channel and partner agreements and contracts
  • CRM systems and management reporting tools
  • Marketing collateral and programs

Outsourcing Sales Process

Flexibility and speed are often mentioned by CEO’s & VP Sales and other Senior Executives as the competitive advantage of Outsourced Sales over in-house sales. Companies that initially look to partners for short-term projects like product launches and covering sales staff shortages are now exploring new business models with outsourcing partners to address the dwindling return on investment from their salespeople. We address this new demand for increased productivity and ROI through detailed planning, team creation and execution of the plan. We take responsibility throughout the sales cycle and are fully accountable for producing results.

Let our experienced sales team help develop your Organization’s Sales Process


We enhance sales productivity using these tools:
  • Develop and Implement a Strategic Sales Plan
  • Identify Target Market Segments , Verticals and Niches
  • Build Strong Sales Pipelines
  • Integrate Sales/Marketing Programs & Demand Generation
  • Drive deals through Solid Pipeline
  • Measure, Monitor, Refine and Adjust and Adaptive Strategy
  • Review progress at regular intervals
  • Deliver Accurate results
How we Operate with you and your team
  • We work as an Integrated and Extended Part of your Sales Team
  • We Communicate Directly with you and your team
  • We participate in Strategy Sessions and Reviews
  • We Develop a Sales Process that addresses both strategy and tactical Sales Methodology
  • We are Flexible to Meet Challenging and Changing Sales Conditions and Market Approaches