Our Ultimate Goal of a Sales and Demand Generation Process is to Acquire Qualified Leads, Develop those leads into prospects, initiate and conduct a high volume of Emails and Sales Calls per day, and to secure High Quality, Prequalified in-person and phone/web based meetings for our clients.

The most successful sales teams and individuals develop a process that addresses both sales strategy and tactics. By following a well-defined sales process, salespeople overcome objections and common reluctance.

Tracking sales leads

Having a solid tracking sales process in place is the basis of your team’s success. You need to track things like: Who gets notified when a lead comes in? How does each lead get evaluated and by whom? What’s the next step? How quickly should you respond and by what means? How do leads get assigned to sales people? How are leads segmented and into which categories? Who monitors lead status and progress? Are we using a CRM or other tool to schedule calls and appointments and send reminders in advance?


Providing qualified sales leads

Using strategies to provide qualified sales leads is what sets our services apart. We answer questions such as: Who evaluates lead qualifications? What criteria should they use? Who researches leads and what tools do they use? How do you handle different categories of leads, how do you assign them and track them? Is there a way to automate this process, and if so, which software solution? If a CRM or other sales management tool is selected, who gets training and who provides the training?


Handling objections

Inevitably we encounter delays and objections from prospective customers. What standard responses are in place to deal with these obstacles and move leads to closing? Is the sales team properly trained to recognize problems and overcome them quickly? At ALT TAB, we hand pick the perfect sales team for your speciality, assuring objections are handled properly and the sales process moves forward.


Closing sales more quickly and on your own terms

You need to know what your sales strategy is. You can determine this by asking: What are you trying to accomplish in each sale both short term and long term? What steps do you need to go through with each prospective client to make sure they understand the value of what we sell and agree that it’s worthwhile to purchase? How well do you communicate the urgency to buy now instead of tomorrow?

These are just a few of the issues that a well defined sales process will address. Without answering these questions and documenting those answers, we tend to fly blind and make far too many mistakes. Setting a solid strategy, communicating that strategy to the team, and reassessing as you gain more knowledge is the key to succeeding.