Companies often ask us if we are a Lead Generation Company or a Call Center Service. We prefer the term “Sales Strategy Team.” That’s because we offer a complete sales process, not just marketing or lead generation services. Our process involves creating a Sales Strategy, building a sales plan and executing the plan with an experienced sales team.

Why should you outsource your sales efforts?

The advantages of sales force outsourcing include:
  • Rapid time-to-market and market penetration
  • Rapid exploitation of new markets and verticals
  • Increased lead generation and conversion to customers
  • More efficient use of manpower and resources
  • Lower cost-of-sales and higher ROI
  • Increased sales revenues and profits

Why should you choose ALT TAB Consulting?

With an outsourced sales team from us you can :
  • Put an Experienced Sales Team in place for sales acceleration projects
  • Test new markets or open new territories before hiring internal sales resources
  • Keep internal sales teams focused while experimenting with new product or service offerings
  • Build a sales channel without impacting direct sales
  • Leverage centuries of combined experience, relationships and training for roughly the cost of one senior sales executive
  • Leverage a variable cost model, which gives you the flexibility to ratchet resources up and down as needed