We formed partnership with many leading organizations to enhance the value of our solutions and strengthen our ability to provide the maximum breadth of integration capabilities. Our partnerships are crucial to our success, as we work towards delivery of robust, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to our customers.


E-Discovery Partner

ALT TAB Consulting USA LLC and Novitas Data LLC join forces to support our clients with their various e-Discovery needs. Novitas (formerly known as discover-e Legal) is one of the pioneers in the e-Discovery space as they were the first ones to develop EDD processing tools in the market.

Technology Assisted Review Partner

ALT TAB Consulting USA LLC and Essential Discovery partnered together to complement their services and support to offer clients with their various managed document review offering which integrates technology, people, and process to dramatically decrease expenses while at the same time increasing the quality and efficacy of a review project. We together offer significant cost savings, increased speed, and greater accuracy for our clients’ Document Review Projects.

SEO & Brand Strategy Partner

ALT TAB Consulting USA LLC and Pyrite Technologies together bring Web Development and SEO strategies. This strategic relationship expands the capabilities of our clients in finding new customers and explores new markets. Our partnership will enable our customers to achieve better design and conversion rates. One of the hidden advantages of ranking in the top positions of the SERPs is Brand Awareness.